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Celeste Sollers

Economic Development Director

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Community & Economic Development Department

The Department of Community & Economic Development is designed to increase the standard of living for residents of the County.  Assistance is provided through rehabilitation of existing housing, promotion of home ownership, job creation through increased economic development activities, municipal infrastructure improvements, capital improvement and technology acquisitions and the provision of a variety of direct services to the residents of Williamson County.  The Department staff work closely with the County Board of Commissioners, federal and state agencies and other public interest groups to obtain funding opportunities for Williamson County.

Many projects achieved by the Community & Economic Development Department are a direct savings to county taxpayers.  Funds have been acquired to obtain technology improvement programs that update equipment to various County offices, direct service programs that provide staffing of County departments and new equipment acquisitions for local law enforcement and fire departments.  All of these are necessary to keep the county current with the newest technology and programs.  By finding alternate sources of revenue to support these acquisitions the County is able to reduce their operating budget.

Economic Development Survey

Additional projects have been developed to promote growth and stability in our community.  Public Facility programs are available to municipal water and sewer districts for improvements to the services they provide to our residents.  If your district is applying for improvements they are required to survey their customers.  Survey Forms are available below. Economic Development projects have been funded to attract new business and industry promoting job creation.

Survey Form

Williamson County Revolving Loan Program

Revolving loan projects are funded for business expansion and/or development which also promote job creation. Information on the Williamson County Revolving Loan program can be found here:

RLF Requirements

The Housing Rehab Program

Other projects are geared to improve the health and safety of the residents in our community.  Low income improvement programs including housing repairs and home ownership are designed to improve the health and safety of residents in our community.  There are several programs that funding is sought for on an annual basis.  The Housing Rehab program provides assistance to low to moderate income residents of owner occupied homes with repairs that they are unable to afford.  The MARS provides rehab assistance to residents of owner occupied homes with mobility disabilities. Preliminary applications for these programs can be found below. The HOME program assists low to moderate income credit worthy residents to purchase a home by assisting with down payments, closing costs and home improvements.

Housing Preliminary Application HOME Program Application